Ugandan food is remarkably the best in Africa with a variety of fresh food delicacies from the different tribes. The food preparation culture is quite unique with every tribe. The country is gifted by nature with a variety of lakes, rivers and wetland that habor various fish species that are a food suppliment.

The country greatly relies on agriculture thus having plenty of food for example the Matooke, potatoes, rice, yams, beans,peas peanuts to mention but a few. Each tribe has its staple food although some dishes are shared across the country. Ugandan food entail:


This is the staple food for the Baganda, ''matooke'' literally means green plantain bananas. These are prepared in a special way as the are peeled, wrapped in banana leaves and then steamed, once ready the matooke is smashed and re-heated to form a goldenish color. Matooke is starchy and rich in carbohydrates. It can be served with every sauce forexample chicken stew, beans, groundnuts among others.


Is a traditional way of preparing stew, this is done with smoked banana leaves where the stew is wrapped inside and then steamed. Luwombo can either be of chicken, beef, groundnuts or any other sauce. This can be well served with Matooke, sweet potatoes, cassava among others


This bamboo shoot delicacy is a traditional stew in Eastern Uganda especially for the Gisu. The joints on the shoots are eliminated as it is diced into smaller pieces that are boiled in rock salt. After they have become tender, peanut paste is added for a great taste. Malewa can be enjoyed with matooke, sweet potatoes,posho among other.


This signature dish is enjoyed by majority of the Ugandans. It is maize flour  mixted with hot water to make a soft solid. Posho can be enjoyed with beans, peas, vegetables and all types of sauce.   

Conclusively, Uganda serves the best yet nutritious food to the local and international guests.

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